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Hide Secrets - Pics, SMS, Apps

Do you have secrets? Then Hide It. Hide Secrets ((The Secret Vault) is one of the best Android App for hiding your secrets when your phone is not in your hand. Hide Pictures, Text Messages / SMS, Videos, Applications/ apps, Any Files, Contacts, Call Logs, Albums and Notes in your Android phone.

Hide Secrets is 100% ADS FREE !!

Hide Secrets lets you hide everything you can imagine - Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, Pictures, Videos, Any kind of Files, Lock Apps and hide personal data in the secret vault.

Features of Hide Secrets App

Secret Contacts, Call logs, Text Messages:
You can create a secret contact. All the calls and text messages from those secret contacts would always be hidden from the default call logs and messages app and would be safe in secret vault.

App Locker:
WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Phone, Gallery, File Manager...Lock anything you like with the AWESOME App Locker provided within Hide Secrets.

Here we give you three types of security options for better security of your secret apps
-> PIN Lock
-> Password Lock
-> Pattern Lock

Fake Crash (Premium) - with this feature enabled, others will always think that your app is getting crashed while only you know how to open your secret app ;)

Secret Pictures, Videos, Files, Notes:
You can hide any of your pictures, videos, audio files or any other files and you can also store your secret notes safely within the Hide Secrets app/ secret vault.

Premium Features

Invisible Mode:
You can completely make Hide Secrets invisible by choosing to hide the app icon from settings. By enabling this feature, you can avail maximum security for your data.

Hide Secrets Protector:
If someone can uninstall hide secrets app from your phone, how can it protect your data safely? By enabling this feature, nobody would be able to uninstall hide secrets app without entering correct password which gives you Z level security.

Escape PIN:
This is like fake secret vault. If you are stuck in a situation where you cant say NO and have to open the app, you can put escape PIN which will open the app but it wont show any of your data.

Triple Layer Security:
If you want Z level security for your data than you can choose all the three types of locks for the app instead of choosing only one type of lock. We give you three locks namely
-> PIN Lock
-> Password Lock
-> Pattern Lock
Nobody would be able to open the hide secrets app just by knowing a single password, which gives more security to your data & keeps you safe.

The Mobile Management is very essential.This is Ultimate App for all kinds.

Download Hide Secrets now and keep your private things private. Because we value your privacy.

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