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Ocean Defense

Are ready for Ocean Defense game?

Ocean Defense

In this amazing game you will need to defend the Atomic Generators by adding weapons that will shoot directly at your enemies. In order to buy ammunition you will need to earn money so you can attack the enemies.

How to play? When you have enough money "$" available simply drag the weapon to the desired location.

You can also buy gold coins (not the same as regular money) to purchase boosters.

Make sure you give what it takes to defend our nation! It sounds easy, but its not! Are you up to the challenge?

  • Over 240 levels in 20 different scenarios.
  • Over 20 different weapons to select from.
  • 43 different characters/vessels
  • Modern War design by Danielo Lipelle.
  •  Awesome graphics and sound effects
  • Gun-1, Gun-2, Cannon, Plasma, Laser Gun, Flame thrower, Missiles, Jammers and more!
  • Airplanes, Ships, Helicopters, catapults and more!
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