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Address Book Replacement

After several months in development the unique and most useful way to handle all of your contacts information in a single app!

Please note this is very useful business tool also

Main Features:

  • Only 1 app: No need to check your phone contacts, Facebook, an twitter separately; this app groups them all together for easy access!
  • PHOTO SORTING: IF you contact has a picture, he/she can be sorted according to it.
  • CRITERIA SEARCH: choose any criteria to search in all of your contacts
  • SORT: You can sort adjusting choices such as gender, location, last name,job title, address or even nickname!
  • EXPORT: Export all your data with just a few taps
  • ERASE or FAVORITE: You choose! Perhaps it's a duplicate or jut someone very important!

Note that this feature is very useful:

  • BACKUP: All your data will be safe!
  • CRITERIA SEARCH: Choose any criteria to search in all of your contacts
  • EASY TASKS: Create and contact groups based on different criteria via email or SMS!
  • CALENDAR (BIRTHDAY): Group your contacts based on their birthdays and get a reminder so you don't forget!

We worked really hard making this application. We really love feedback.. so please send us emails with update requests

  • You can optionally merge it with your phone Address Book.
  • You can optionally merge it Messages App.
  • You can optionally merge it Mail App.
  • Universal Application for iPhone/iPad.
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