Facts About TheAppGuruz

Facts about TAG

Hi, good to see you here! Of course you know we are The App Guruz, makers of awesome games and apps. We are always looking for wonderful people willing to work with us.

Here are some random facts about TheAppGuruz

    We manage our time well because we hate it when we miss our daily game of table-tennis and carrom.
    Microsoft once set us a challenge of designing 100 games in two months. We clocked 102 by the 31st of the 2nd month. Pat on our backs.
    We focus heavily on continued upgradation of employee skills, so be ready to keep learning.
    You’ll never catch our founder CEO Tejas Jasani in formals. It’s always tracks and tees. If you ever want to win the best-dressed person award, it’d be a good idea to have Tejas as your competitor. (Let’s see if the core team approves this line, Mr Copywriter.)
    We are our toughest critics, so only the best comes out from The App Guruz. The rest of the codes and designs no matter how hard our people worked on them get buried. Yeah, we know the above sentence missed two commas. Relax, we bury work, not people. Yeah, bad joke.

We are always looking for the following

1. People who can write smart code
2. People who can create awesome designs
3. People who can write well

You may be an experienced professional or you may be a fresher. No problems either way.

If you are pretty awesome in what you do, you must absolutely get in touch with us. We promise to respond within 72 hours.
We wish you all the best !

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