Have questions? We just might have the answers!

1. Who are you?

We are The App Guruz. We design games and apps. We think, and all our clients insist, that we should write "We design awesome games and apps". Ok, granted. Awesomest things.

We are kinda real big-deal and we work hard to maintain that.

2. How long have you been around?

Tejas Jasani, our founder CEO, started out in 2009 with just two PCs (one of them was borrowed) in a garage (well, almost, because somehow all great organizations these days seem to have started out in garages). Today we have a 5,000-sq-ft office.

Back then we were a bunch of just-out-of college kids (not dropouts) who wanted to be techpreneurs. Today we are a fairly large team of professionals with razor-sharp skills. We think if we create superior designs, write smart code and pen even ok-ish copy (like this one), we’ll make it big.

(We know our designs are super and our code is smart, but we haven’t made up our mind whether our copy is just ok-ish or cool.)

3. Why are you writing this About Us?

So that more people can find us. That way we can reach out to and help more people and companies do some great stuff.

More people and companies getting in touch with us also means we stay smart - and keep getting better.

Finally, working with more people and companies also means a wider canvas on which to paint.

(Hope this doesn’t sound cliched, or, worse, cheesy; we meant it in the right sense. If you think it has some stupid tone about it, do let us know and we will cut down the free coffee of our overpaid content-writer.)

4. Awesome, Big-deal...Big words. Real boastful words. Why should anyone even begin to believe you?

You’re right -  we wouldn’t believe such things either. Don’t take our word for it. Check out our portfolio.

As to the boastful part, here’s what Sherlock Holmes, the fictitious detective has to say:

"My dear Watson," said he, "I cannot agree with those who rank modesty among the virtues. To the logician all things should be seen exactly as they are, and to underestimate one’s self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one’s own powers."

- The Greek Interpreter

Basically, we feel false modesty is hypocrisy. If we are good, we are good - makes no sense saying we aren’t.  (But we’re not arrogant: we’re nimble and humble enough to accept when we goof up - doesn’t happen too often!)

5. Game and app makers are dime a dozen - or more. Why should anyone want to work with you?

No point wasting your time. You already read the answer to that in the preceding question. Next question please.

6. Ummm. All the same...

There are games and there are games. One way to design a game is do cool designing (a lot of stuff floating around on the net, one can always pinch ideas if one’s the cheap kind), impressive graphics and the right coding.

The other way is to get under the skin of the player - how can we improve the game-play, take the user-experience to the next level? We start by defining what excites the player first and then we work our way backwards.

To us, a great game is the right blend of strong tech, cool design and a superior understanding about the guy at the other end.

7. Making money?

Sure. Where else we’d be paying our worth-their-weight-in-gold team from?

Enough money? Huh? What’s enough? When was the last time anyone made enough money?

8. How good are you? Who says so? How can I measure how good are you?

Good you asked. This will give us a chance to brag, but only with complete honesty. False modesty, we have no room for.

We haven’t exactly reached the top, but we are pretty much on our way. Why not check out these?

9. What’s your track-record like?

We would love to say all our games and apps have been super-hot and have had over a million downloads each.

However, you know that can’t be true.

A few of our games died ingloriously BUT many of our games have been big-time hits.

Now that you know we’re so honest, we can comfortably talk about our successes...

A portfolio of 500+ games, 300+ apps, and 50+ million downloads may give you some idea of about us, if that’s what you were looking for. Of course, according to us, it barely tells you half the tale, but that’s ok.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our portfolio.

10. What do you know about gaming that makes you special?

Before, during and after the game is designed, we constantly think of ourselves as players. We try and develop a near-perfect understanding of the player and figure out what clicks and what doesn’t.

We take as much the position of a psychologist as that of a tech-guy when we design games and constantly ask: what drives the player? (And what would drive her away?)

There’s one word for it: thrill. If it thrills the player, the game will click.

Over time, we have developed a great deal of understanding of how the thrill quotient works.

11. Will my game make money?

Aren’t we worried too? You make money, we build a reputation. We build a reputation, we get paid more. Simple.

So we are sticking out our necks too. And that’s why we get so deeply involved in every project. When a client’s game is launched, our adrenalin is as pumped up as that of the client’s and our reputation is as much in the line of fire.

12. Tell me about your team.

We have 5 divisions. Each division is headed by a domain expert. The domain expert is assisted by two team-leaders, who, in turn, are assisted by three group-leaders each...

Yawn. Ho-hum. Yawn.

That’s not what you wanted to know, right?

What you really want to know is how and whether your project will be completed within time and budget-constraints.

Here’s a promise: yes.

We have a stable team. We work hard. We constantly upgrade ourselves. We are dead serious about deadlines. Period.

13. Gee, you’re expensive?

We almost wrote a witty answer to this one, but then we changed our mind.

Instead, we’ll answer this one straight. We’re neither greedy nor cheap. We neither accept all the projects that come our way (not greedy) nor do we cut corners (not cheap).

Having said that, yes, we know there’s no client with unlimited budget. So we don’t burn money either. We charge fees from you so that we can retain the best heads on our team.

Anything that clicks is worth the money one pays for it. Anything that doesn’t is surely expensive.

We make stuff of the first kind.

Stray thoughts

If it’s quick and low-budget, it won’t be great.

If it’s great and low-budget, it won’t be quick.

If it’s great and quick, it won’t be low-budget.

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