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After Dark Recorder Lite


The impossible is now possible!

Ever wanted or needed to record your sounds while sleeping? Now you can!

Some of the key features are:
-Record sounds while sleeping: as soon as you go to sleep the device is on alert for ANY noise you may emit! Ever been told you are a sleep talker or a loud snorer?! Record it!

-Track and graph: the app will automatically record, graph and categorize by time and date every noise recorded

-Relax and go to sleep in a calm environment: you can set up relaxing music from an expanded library of music and sounds that help you body relax and sleep better.

-Alarm: set it up from the night before! You can choose the sound, time and duration so you can better start the day!

-Timer: select the duration you want your relaxation and waking up alarm lasts

So now you are ready to go to sleep and we are sure you will e eager to finally see what's bugging you (and your sleep mates!) at night!

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