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Amadora's Weddings & Events

Bestowing the gift of love..

Weddings are suppose to be memorable fun filled once in a life time experience.

You should be focused on the love between you and your fiance and the life your going to share together.

You should be thinking about the commitment your going to be making and the bond that you will form together.

Your special day should be heartwarming and captivating. And the planning of your special day should be conducted with the same devotion.

You don't need to worry or feel confused by the endless details and decisions that you will need to make. Like, do I have to invite my cousins girl friend? Who's name goes first on the invitation? How will everything will come together in the end?

Amadora's Weddings and Events is here to make your wedding planning experience joyous, easy and fun by selecting only professional wedding providers and event vendors with proven track records, of superb customer service & high quality products, in order to guarantee a wide range of solutions to accommodate your needs and ensure your satisfaction. We do this by priding ourselves in being Certified Wedding Planners under The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and The Gay Wedding Institution.

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