3D Game Development

Angels v/s Demons

Getting rid of the bad devil has never been this fun, or challenging!

Unlike other game apps the possibilities and solutions for this amazing app are endless!

The goal is simple; get rid of the little devils, but the game is not!

Swap places of two characters by tapping on them. Do it so that all of the evil naughty ones get dropped. Sounds easy? It's not! The shapes, positions and backgrounds keep changing so its never a dull moment!

Also, as you move up the levels so does the difficulty! To help you fight the evil; different weapons and gadgets will come at different levels.

We are sure you will get hooked from the start in this clever and innovative fun game! Give it a try!


  • Sharpens your concentration.
  • Test your brain capacity.
  • Gentle and attractive sound and graphics.
  • Different level of Game play.
face mask Belial The Demon Headgear Pocket Staff Magic