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Awesome Clock Lite

Finally, after much request, an alarm clock in your iPhone that is both filled with functionality and beautiful!

  • Battery information in landscape mode (Available for FREE)
  • Talking clock (Available for FREE)
  • Brightness adjuster (sliding your finger in the screen) (Available for FREE)
  • Real time local weather information. (Available for FREE)
  • Digital and analog display (Available for FREE)
  • Quality graphic interface by Danielo Lipele. (Available for FREE)
  • Touch Screen for "talking time". (Available for FREE)
  • Landscape and portrait orientations are supported. (Available for FREE)
  • You can set up unlimited alarms, personalizing the name, sound, snooze feature and snooze delay. (Available in Upgrade)
  • Shake to turn flashlight on/off (Available for FREE)
  • Landscape mode enabled (Available for FREE)
  • Slide finger up/down to adjust brightness. (Available for FREE)
  • Show seconds on/off (Available in Upgrade)
  • Set up iPod songs as your alarm (Available in Upgrade)
  • 24-hour Time on/off (Available in Upgrade)
  • Show weekday on/off (Available in Upgrade)
  • Background image from: Image Library/Photo Folder or Camera (Available in Upgrade)
  • Snooze mode for alarms. (Available in Upgrade)

Additional Features:

  • NEWS TICKER: (Available in Upgrade) We provide a very nice scrolling marquee with recent Weather information around the world provided live from the NOAA's National Weather Service Headlines feed
  • Different types of Alarms (Available in Upgrade). Not only does this application include different sounds to choose from for the alarm; it also includes these two options that no other application out there has:
  • Alarm: You can select the sound from our library, or you can select MUSIC from your native iPod application. (Available in Upgrade)
  • Personal Background. With this application you will have the option to select the picture for the alarm clock background. The possibilities are endless! You can be as naughty or nice as you want. Select from some of the basic options we have included or any picture from your photo library/Camera. Just image having a wallpaper of your platonic hottie in your clock, Just use your imagination... This is the only app that will let you put ANY picture in the background. (Available in Upgrade)
  • Font Choices. Change the color of the font of the clock to fit your mood and personality! (Available in Upgrade)
  • Weekly "day" notifier. Unlike most clocks and calendar applications out there; this applications has both included! Why go through the hassle of loading different applications for similar tasks? Here you have it all! (Available FREE)
  • We are sure you will enjoy this application and find it very useful! Furthermore, we are constantly working on this and other applications; please feel free to share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have!
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