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Best Math Master Lite

Looking for an all inclusive easy to use math tool app to learn and practice basic math? This is it!!

Some of the main Features of this simple yet complete app include:

  • Learning Center
  • Practice Exercise: There is no better way to learn and get better at math than practicing! With random exercises your brain will get an amazing workout!
  • Identify the Operator: A challenging and fun way to make you think outside the box!
  • Find the Digit: Perfect way to in truce algebra thinking to young minds
  • Save Multiple Users: Everyone can play and create a challenge for those around them!
  • Progress Track: You'll be amazed at the progress after only a few games!
  • Settings: Choose what's best for you!
  • Background sound effects
  • Voice commands to ask the question
  • Number of exercises every level
  • Timer

Developed by a group of elementary school teachers that know the best ways to introduce and practice basic math concepts, this easy to use and complete app will definitely be a fun and great way to learn math for everyone!

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