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Biking Tools Lite

“Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

Finally an easy to use all inclusive app developed with bicycle riders in mind!
Tired of having to use multiple apps to plan, track and enjoy your bicycle ride? No more!
With an amazingly easy to use interface and amazing graphics your ride will now be more enjoyable and productive. Some of the main features include:
-Music: why not make your exercise fun? Play music on the to make the ride more enjoyable!
-Temperature: Forget about having to use multiple apps to plan your trip, now the temperate forecast appears on the map itself!
-Distance: It shows you exactly how much you traveled and where on a detailed map.
-Calories: Just enter your information at the beginning and based on the distance, speed and difficulty the app will automatically calculate the calories you burnt
-Orientation: Never get lost again! If the map is not enough information since you are not familiar with the area… Just check if you are still going North! -Duration: Time yourself to be ready for any competition or goal! -Speed: Automatically calculated!
-Different exercises: If you don’t feel like going on the bike but love the app, you can use it for jogging, walking or any similar exercise you can think of!
-Map: It shows you were you started, where you are and when you are done the exact route you traveled!
-Photo: the amazing thing about cycling is that you can sometimes stop and smell the roses or just enjoy breathtaking views. Why not capture these moments with pictures that get saved and posted on the place you saw it?
-Record: After your hard work you will be able to record:
•Feelings after
•Date and time etc…

Now the only thing you are missing is your helmet! Go grab your bike and start pedaling because it is now going to be an amazing ride!

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