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Blue Jeans - Period Control Lite

Finally a COMPLETE app designed with real women in mind to record and be able to analyze their cycle easily!

Forget about the past where you needed multiple apps or worse yet a paper calendar to record the details of your cycle...with this app those days are long gone!

With this designed to the last detail app now you can record during your period among other things:

  • Temperature
  • Weight
  • Notes
  • Feelings
  • Symptoms
  • Relationships Etc...

Calendar view makes it easy to see past and predict future periods based on your information!

Automatically graph your temperature and weight to detect changes such as ovulation or even pregnancy!

Share information with the people that matter the most and health professionals automatically thru the app!

Based on your recordings this app will also help you as a reference for what your feelings and moods were ok specific dates during your cycle!

With an extremely easy to use interface and easy to reference information; this is the perfect app for every AND any woman!

Update the app when you become pregnant and the app will help you track your information during that special stage as well!

With this extremely easy to use app that comes complete with anything you might need to track your cycle, now you have one reason less to stress about! What are you waiting for? It's that time already!

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