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Bokeh Camera

Have you see those AMAZING pictures in magazines full of amazing effects!

Want to add a special effect to a dull looking picture? This is the app for you!
Forget about paying for a professional photographer to make amazing looking pictures! Bokeh light effects have been until now limited to artists who had all the right equipment... Not any more! You only need your device and magic!

This application will help you create these effects! Just a few taps and voila! you final product is ready!

Finally an easy to use app that let's you create beautiful masterpieces from your pictures with amazing bokeh light effects!

"Bokeh has been defined as the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light"

With over 100 bokeh effects the possibilities are endless! There are colorful, bright, modern looking and even floc effects available to name a few!
But that is not all! This easy to use app comes equipped with even more beautiful and fun effects to add to any picture!
What are you waiting for? Let your artist side shine!

Powered by Aviary

- Enhance: Auto, Night, Backlit and Balance
- Effets: Original, Singe, vivid, san carmen, indiglow, concorde, aqua, strato, laguna, ventura and soft focus
- Sticker: Get an amazing library of images to attach your pics
- Orientation
- Crop
- Brighter
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Sharpness
- Draw
- Text
- Red eye
- Whiten
- Blemish

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