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Best deal EVER! This version includes awesome features to manage your weekly budget.

Perfect for anyone, but specially for those one who receive weekly money! (for example: students, housewives, kids and more)

Budget x7

Amazing set of tool to handle your weekly budget.

  • Set your weekly budget.
  • Make Purchases (optionally adjust their category)
  • Add money to your weekly budget.
  • Select which kind of expenses will be sorted under "Favorites"
  • Customize where to start the week! (depending on when you get your money!)
  • Export summary via email (CSV file: Can be imported into most spreadsheet software, or open it as a regular text file)
  • Edit your weekly budget anytime
  • History can be created under different sorting fields.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Add/Delete/Edit payments and purchase.
  • Can handle different types of income.

If you need assistance please contact us [email protected]
We will be adding additional apps soon!

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