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Business Card Scanner OCR

Business card scanner
“Hard to believe how convenient this app is!”

Never again will you need to manually enter every business card’s information again! Tired of having a stack of business cards collecting dust and impossible to find the right one when you need it? Imagine after a trade show of corporate gathering having to enter all the information you get manually for each card you collect… That sounds like a job by itself!

Finally there is a way of simply taking a picture of a business card and having your iPhone collect all the information and store it in your contacts. As easy as that!
To store the information on a business card, just take a picture of it. The software automatically scans the information. Finally just choose the fields for every information entered; name, address, phone, e-mail…And save! You have the choice to export it to your contacts or save it in our easy to use address book. As easy as that!

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