3D Game Development

Camera Bonfire Lite

Need some relaxing time in your busy day? Wish you could sit with your loved one next to a bonfire while listening to some music?...

With our hectic lifestyle it is many times hard to take some time out to just relax...

That is why we came up with this amazing application!

It is a simple yet fun application that works by letting you choose the background music from your native iPod application to play while you see a live bonfire flame. You have the choice to have a beautiful starlight nite background or a live camera view. You can then take a picture by pressing the power and home buttons, to preserve the special moment.

The graphics and animations are top of the line, so that you really feel as if you are at the bonfire enjoying an amazing starlight night!

Just look at the screenshots, they speak for themselves... But you will have to try it to experience this amazing application!

If you have any ideas or suggestions please share them with us since we are constantly working on innovative future applications

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