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Camera Dialer

You will not find ANYTHING like this application! Finally an easy way to dial phone #'s without actually typing the number!

Simply center the phone number in the "green box" that will appear in the camera view. Hold Still and it will then automatically dial it without any further user interaction.

This application is so accurate, you will not believe how useful it is.

In the settings of your phone (as seen the in the screenshots) you can modify the normal length of the phone numbers and you can elect if you want the calls to be automated or manual.

NOTE: For BEST results use white background and black text.

Possible uses:

  • White/Yellow pages
  • Business Cards
  • Business Signs
  • For sales ads in the street
  • Flyers
  • and much more...

This application is perfect for almost anyone:

  • People who are constantly dialing numbers like sales people and telemarketers
  • People on the go who cannot write down the number and just scan it from a sign: for sale sign, a business window or a flyer.
  • Everyone who likes a good gadget that without any effort eases everyday life!

Again, you will not find anything like this app out there! Check it out and please share with us any ideas or suggestions you may have since we are constantly working on this and similar applications.

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