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Camera Timer Sound Detection

This awesome application has two main features:

  • Sound detection proprietary algorithm to enable shutter. (optional)
  • Camera Timer to activate shutter. (optional)

Main Features:

  • Regular Timer to take a picture in intervals of: 10, 15, 20,40,80, 150 and 300 seconds
  • Images are store in your native camera library.
  • Guide or grid to align your pics
  • Zoom in/out
  • Based on availability (front/back camera)
  • Custom flash use
  • Multiple themes
  • Settings: Show Time, Show confirmation, enable geotagging, guides, date and much more!
  • Support all iOS screen sizes.
  • Optional loud sound detection (such as cheese! or CLAPS) to activate the shutter.

Many more

“You’ve got to try it once; seeing is believing!”

Several updates coming soon!

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