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Child Care Tool Lite

Finally a detailed thought and designed and app to record your child's statistics for future reference and to share with professionals!

Forget about counting on your memory or paper notes to remember vital information of your child! Now you can record, reference and compare all of your info in one easy to use app!

Some of the main features include:

Record every detail and add notes to each, for these categories:

  1. Snacks and Food intake: What, how much and for how long did they eat?
  2. Injections/Vaccinations: Easy to record and to reference... You can even add notes to their reactions.
  3. Tablets/Medicine:Forget about relying on your brain to remember at what time and which medicines you gave your child...just type it here!
  4. Action: Perfect for caregivers to show what exactly the child did all day and reactions to the activity.
  5. Emotion: how is your child feeling today? Perfect for looking at certain patterns or signs!
  6. Bottle: How many ounces, type of milk, time, duration etc... So useful!
  7. Rest: perfect for looking at patterns and how to get better rest in the future!
  8. Doctor Checkup: So you don't forget what he said or recommends every visit!
  9. Mug/Drink: What did he take, reactions etc...
  10. Care/Sicknesses: Perfect for sharing with your doctor or health practitioner... Who can remember every sickness and how it was like for every time they have a bug? With this app now you can!
  • Share instantly! Just tap on it and your records can be sent to your doctor, school or family member in seconds!
  • Statistics: By recording all of your information the app will create ease to read and very useful graphs for you to check your child's improvement or history.
  • Customize! No two children are alike... Now you can customize based on their specific circumstances!
  • Multiple children: Add all of your children and compare the data! You don't need multiple apps, you can put them all in!

Now you have no reasons to keep perfect track of your child with this super easy to use and designed to the last detailed app! Go ahead, give it a try!

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