3D Game Development

Collage Builder Lite

Finally an all in one app for collage and scrapbook making! Looking for q high quality easy to use app that let's you create masterpieces with your pictures? Look no more!
Some of the main features are: Select pictures:

  • From your native library
  • Take a picture
  • From a Dropbox account

Edit the picture:

  • Select the size
  • Rotate to any angle
  • Choose where and on top of what to paste it
  • Add and edit a custom border for every picture. Choose the width and color from a wide range of options!

Personalize your creation:

  • Add any text with different fonts and effects
  • Add stickers and labels from a wide range of different themes to choose from
  • Select a background: from one of our cool choices or your own

The choices and outcomes are endless are completely up to you. Let your creativity take fly and make something amazing! One thing is for sure: you will not find a more complete and easy to use app similar to this in the App Store!

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