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Contacts Management Tool Lite

Finally the perfect and most efficient way to manage all of your contacts in one extremely easy to use app!

-ONLY ONE PLACE: No need to check your phone contacts, Facebook, an twitter separately; this app groups them all together for easy access!

-EASY COMMUNICATION: Create and contact groups based on different criteria via email or SMS!

-BIRTHDAYS: Group your contacts based on their birthdays and get a reminder so you don't forget!

-PHOTO LIST: It lists all of your contacts based on picture availability

-SEARCH: choose any criteria to search in all of your contacts

-SORT: by multiple choices such as job title, location, last name, address or even nickname!

-EXPORT: Share your contacts or send them with just one tap!

-BACKUP: So you never loose touch!

-DELETE or FAVORITE: you choose! Maybe it's a duplicate or jut someone very important!

The possibilities are endless; we are sure you will be more than satisfied with this universal app for your devices.

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