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Easy Blend Photo Machine Lite

The main feature of this application is that it will permit you superimposing pictures.

Definition of SUPERIMPOSE: to place or lay over between images.

Finally an easy way to create professional looking pictures with imposing effects without any fancy equipment!
After this app forget about complicated software , expensive equipment or companies that don't deliver what you were hoping for!
Some of the main features include:
•Add ANY background to your picture!
•Choose from HUNDREDS of photo effects!
•Blend multiple pictures for an amazing look!
•Share instantly via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more!
•Save your image creation, the back or front image easily to your native library
•EXTREMELY easy to use interface with amazing results!
The sky is the limit to the possibilities your creativity will take you to... It only depends on you... What are you waiting for? Start blending and imposing!

This amazing application will let you add effects to your pictures. No longer you will need a professional photographer or designer to edit your pictures.

* You will have full access to your photo library and picture taking if your device has a camera.

Additional Effects:

- Original
- Sepia
- Black and white (B&W)
- Inverted colors
- Brightness (Perfect as a FLASH replacement) *
- Contrast
- Green filters
- Blue filters
- Red filters

* Multiple levels.


Powered by Aviary

- Enhance: Auto, Night, Backlit and Balance
- Effects: Original, Singe, vivid, san carmen, indiglow, concorde, aqua, strato, laguna, ventura and soft focus
- Sticker: Get an amazing library of images to attach your pics
- Orientation
- Crop
- Brighter
- Contrast
- Saturation
- Sharpness
- Draw
- Text
- Red eye
- Whiten
- Blemish

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