3D Game Development

Easy Group Photo Lite

Another ruined group photo because of ONE person? No more!
With this amazingly easy to use app the days of bad pictures are over!
As easy as choosing the part, person or face you'd like to change and the replacement and... Viola! A new picture with everyone smiling and a nice background to it! Some of the main features include:
•Just touch it-No need to crop or use complicated software, just touch the zone you would like to change and its done!
•Multiple brush sizes-With multiple brush sized and an amazingly easy to use interface; your masterpieces are only minutes away!
•Share instantly- with just a tap away you can email it, post it on social media or save it in your local library!
•Choose from ANY picture- select different areas from multiple pictures; up to 100!
You masterpiece is only seconds away; start creating memories!

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