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Easy Wallpaper Customizer Lite

This application is Intended for entertainment purposes only.
This application will ONLY edit your wallpaper to produce the desired effect, we are not changing the actual color of the status bar or other parts of your screen. You cannot alter the actual Springboard Home Screen/Lock Screen

Important: This application requires iOS 7.0

Looking for ways to customize the way your lock and home screen look with only ONE high quality and easy to use app? This is it!
Finally you can customize it all with just one app:

  • Status bar
  • "Slide to unlock" area
  • Home screen
  • Lock screen
  • Dock
  • Wallpaper

The possibilities are endless! Not only can you choose from a huge selection of colors but now you can also add patterns too!

Just select the color or pattern you wish to add and select the area... As easy as that!

Forget about your dull looking device days... Just look at the screenshots and let your creativity fly!
Impress your friends with your one of a kind device and be the leader of this amazing looking trend! 

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