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Working out will never be the same!
After much research and development we present to you the simplest and most efficient exercising timer! Some of the key features for setting up and personalizing the intervals include:

* Quantity and Length: Depending on the workout you can use pre made available templates such as the popular HIIT or create your own depending on what works for YOU!

* Name: Categorize them so you can save and use them on the future with one simple tap!

* Music: For every workout interval you can choose a relaxing atmosphere, or a pumped up song for high intensity intervals to motivate you even further! Also, when the change is about to occur, it gives you the choice of a transitional sound!

* Color: Every interval will change the color of the screen to let you know and to keep you motivated!

* Vibration: just so you don’t get to into it and not notice the change of music and color… It also gives you the choice to vibrate to notify you!

*Easy to see: No need to stop exercising; with amazing and professional designs with large fonts, you will be able to see exactly where you stand without pausing!
Such a cool and simple to use app that can help you stay motivated, and on track while you workout!…What is your excuse for not exercising now? Instructions:

* Tap and Hold for 2 seconds to move the quick access button. Icons will start wiggling.

* Move the button in the right spot.

* Tap once to stop wiggling and set the quick access button in the desired location

You can:
– Customize the quick access button images.
– Remove this instructions set from the settings tab.
– Optionally download some suggested images for the quick access buttons in the following website http://www.gp-imports.com/ccr/
– Change the size of the button with two fingers (pinch)
– Add as many quick access buttons as you want.

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