3D Game Development

Explosive Movie Editor

Looking for the newest fun way to impress your friends? This is it!!
Add super cool and professional Hollywood looking effects to ANY personal video with just one tap and share it instantly with ease! Sounds too good to be true? It is!

Some of the main effects include:

•Record or choose any existing video to add the effects.

•Choose from super cool effects, like those in the movies, to add to the videos. These include:

  • Asteroid
  • Explosion
  • Bullet holes
  • Chopper
  • Thunderstorm
  • Missile
  • Mines explosion
  • Cracks

Just imagine blowing up your bosses office space at a meeting with a missile... Or shooting bullets at your professor during that boring lecture?
The possibilities are endless!!!

•Select the length and section of the video you wish to use.

•Share your videos via email, SMS or post it on Facebook with just one tap! Feel like a movie star, and start getting treated as one!

BEST OF ALL: Unlike similar apps, for one flat fee you get all of the amazing effects!

Get ready to impress everyone around you with amazing looking effects! Even if it's only make believe; the fun is 100% real... Give it a try!

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