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Fish Eye Camera! Lite

A fisheye lens is an ultra wide-angle lens that produces strong visual distortion intended to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image.

"Amazing graphics and effects!"
"Cannot believe no one had come up with this great idea before! (our quality lens are hard to copy! They work in a unique way to generate the best quality ever!"

Main Features:
? You can take PHOTOS!, VIDEO and edit existing images.
? 5 color lens.
? Adjust size
? 5 different ring flashes (lenses)
? Export to native library, email or social networks.

"Great application to show of with your friends!"

"You've got to try it once; seeing is believing!"

Those were just a few of the reactions we got from our focus group…

This is a very simple yet creative application; it works by simulating that your device had a real FishEye Lens!

This amazing application will let you add effects to your pictures. No longer you will need a professional photographer or designer to edit your pictures.

* You will have full access to your photo library and picture taking if your device has a camera.

Additional Effects:

? Original
? Sepia
? Black and white (B&W)
? Inverted colors
? Brightness (Perfect as a FLASH replacement) *
? Contrast
? Green filters
? Blue filters
? Red filters

* Multiple levels.

Powered by Aviary

? Enhance: Auto, Night, Backlit and Balance
? Effets: Original, Singe, vivid, san carmen, indiglow, concorde, aqua, strato, laguna, ventura and soft focus
? Sticker: Get an amazing library of images to attach your pics
? Orientation
? Crop
? Brighter
? Contrast
? Saturation
? Sharpness
? Draw
? Text
? Red eye
? Whiten
? Blemish

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