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This is the tool you have been waiting for…

Just in time for the holidays… The perfect and most complete gift list app!
-So easy to use and organize your gifts so you don’t loose any time; even you’ll be amazed at your organizational skills!

Organize by:

  • Group
  • Individual
  • Gift
  • Price
  • Store
  • Pending job (buying, wrapping, sending etc…)

– Export all your data.

-Budget calculating software; don’t take the fun out of holiday shopping by having to constantly add and subtract from your budget. Just enter the overall and specific budget per person, group or gift an let the app do the rest every time you get one!

-Amazing interface and graphics to make it easy on the eye and start the holiday spirit!

– Day counter… Because you have only a couple of days to go… So SHOP. ‘TILL . YOU. DROP!

– Awesome interface, you can even add picture of your recipients!


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