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Got Zakat

Got Zakat is a publication of GotFiqh. This is one of a series of Mobile Apps being released which have been created under the proper guidance of Islamic Scholars.

No more looking around. This Zakat App has all what you need. It has received excellent reviews and will be a sure favorite due to its simplicity and comprehensiveness.

The Got Zakat App is designed keeping YOU in mind, and allows you to:
- Enter all your Assets (cash, non-cash, gold/silver, receivables, payables)
- Dynamically retrieves LIVE Gold and Silver prices
- Calculates your Net Assets, Nisab value and your Zakat amount
- Helps you keep a record of your Zakat Distribution
- Save your Zakat (including Distribution) in History for review and comparison later
- Provides information on 'What Is Zakat?' based on Authentic sources

The goal of the GotFiqh team is to help the Muslim Ummah try and fulfill the Commandments of Allah in the best way as according to the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.

For any Questions or Feedback feel free to 'Contact Us'. We would love to hear from you.

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