3D Game Development

Hamster Fall Lite

We all love hamsters! But we hate rats!
But there is a problem…. You need to lower the hamster to the lower the hamster to the ground level.

  • The wood blocks, you can slide them right-left accordingly with your touch.
  • The glass blocks you can break them by tapping on them.

Your goal is to put the hamster on the floor by sliding/removing the elements below. There are several materials so you have to be careful when solving this head scratching puzzles.


  • 40 levels (releasing 20 more soon!)
  • Awesome graphics and sound effects
  • Easy to use interface
  • Addictive and challenging game-play
  • Multiple materials that react different to your behavior.
  • Universal binary, for all your devices.
  • We believe so much in this game that we will add several new more levels soon!
  • HD support
  • Universal App
  • Set objects to pop,attract, bounce and crash between them.
  • When the game becomes very difficult you will see a hint section
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