3D Game Development

Icon Designer

Are you a developer? well, then this app is for you.

Do you actually know that the percentage of App sales increase when you provide a quality icon? Have you seen popular apps in the store that do exactly the same as yours, but the only difference is a quality icon? …

We have also seen ugly interface apps in top positions with nice icons!

This app will be paid by itself in minutes!

Main Features:

- Background color picker
- Shinning, background and color effects
- Pick any image from your photo library as the background of the icon
- 52 quality frames!
- 12 different gloss effects (6 different shadows!)
- Add Text in different colors, sizes and fonts. (drag and drop location)
- Adjust border ratio
- Export icon PNG 1024px (transparent corners)
- Export icon JPG 1024px (black corners)
- Save your PNG icon locally in the app
- Save your JPG icon in your native photo folder.
- on/off switch to remove specific items from your icon
- Export in all require sizes!

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