3D Game Development


Hi users i want you to know if you want to see something into my app please contact with me because i want to make app what feels and sees awesome,beautiful and it can be seriously cool with your help!

Give it a try and enter the World of Car Design with your own Creative way for your Style and Ideas!

Now is your chance to design cars everywhere you turn on your smart device IDesign App.You are the designer it is your vision of how it will be in your car sketch.

Drawing cars is a great way to express yourself and come up with new car designs ideas. If your sketch is done, you can share it instantly with your friends save it to your gallery or post it on Facebook.

When was drawing cars so easy them now,choose different tools for making cool sketches,use different styluses for better effect and give your sketch nicer look adding some colour to it!

You can choose from 4 different tools for boost your car sketch and give it basics wheels,wheel caves and more!
You can add some details with Move Around tool for Zooming into your sketch and look around.
You can choose different Styluses for different lines and giving your car design new look.
You can give your sketch awesome look with different Brushes and it makes your sketch more detailed.

The App is Simple to use and its user Friendly even when kids have some imagination and they want to make something amazing and cool!
All tools and Styluses are adjustable!

Official facebook page now available for users to post car sketches now and after,for posting your sketch just simply press share and then IDesign!   

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