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Lazy Teacher Lite

Finally you can keep organized and reachable all of your student's information to manage easily!

Some of the main features include:

  • Create students profiles: these can include any info you may need raging from picture, email, parents contact or any notes you may want to add.
  • Record and manage attendance based on your criteria: it can be based on special dates, class etc... Visually you can also choose the list or calendar view option
  • Keep track and manage grades based on a specific student, type of exam, date etc...
  • Use formulas to calculate grades based on the points needed, averages or weight given to the specific assignment.
  • Record behavior notes or grades after each class
  • Keep everything private with the password option! No more students modifying grades!
  • Everyone can now be up to date with the ease of tapping on the email envelope!
  • Store your info with just one tap on dropbox; Never loose your info again!

Main features:

  • Control classes
  • Manage Individual attendance
  • Create Behavior reports (email them to the father with just a few clicks)
  • Manage Grade-books.
  • Export via email and/or Dropbox
  • Unlimited classes and students
  • Import from native contact library.

Finally the perfect and essential tool for any teacher!

We designed this app around teachers needs. However, we are sure many professionals can and will greatly benefit from it!

This app was created based on an extensive research on teachers' needs; we are sure you will not find a more complete and easy to use app out there!

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