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Learn Hindi Alphabet Writing

Guided strokes for Hindi letter writing created by experienced Hindi educators, professionally recorded sounds and professional graphics.
Developed by a company with several years of product development experience. View the sequence and directional arrows on the device and write using traditional pen and paper to learn and practise writing.

Learn writing Hindi using this simple and easy to use mobile device application:

  • This application provides a listing of all Hindi alphabets
  • Tap on any alphabet to see how that letter is formed
  • Guided strokes to write Hindi letters
  • If you find it hard to follow you can slow down the writing of the letter within the application or speed it up if it is too slow for you
  • Hear the sounds to practice how to pronounce the letter
  • Go back and tap on a different letter from the listing any time
  • Repeat the letter strokes as many times as needed as the desired speed

Visit http://www.sunosunao.com to learn about SunoSunao.com 's online Hindi Worksheets.

SunoSunao.com offers Step by Step Hindi Learning for Kids & Grownups.
Learn Hindi with well structured, easy to follow and self motivating exercises for kids and grownups at SunoSunao.com. Learn to speak, read, write and understand Hindi language, with thoughtfully developed SunoSunao online Worksheets.

Lots of colorful pictures, sound and rhymes definitely keep the learners interested.

Why should you use SunoSunao.com?

  • SunoSunao offers an organized curriculum for different levels, prepared by multiple experienced educators, based on a lot of researches done in the field of padagogy (Science of teaching).
  • SunoSunao provides assignments in an order, which helps the students grasp slowly, step by step. This way of learning motivates self learning and builds confidence.
  • Our worksheets are focused on providing an effective material to enhance the Hindi learning experience for all age groups. Our simple worksheets display the combination of text, image and sound. The lessons are planned for each level with gradually increasing complexity.
  • We emphasize on both- accuracy and speed. Our exercises are small, which can be completed in short time without distraction and loosing interest. Our exercises repeat the same words and concepts in various different ways to make sure the learners completely master those.
  • SunoSunao also allows the learners to track their progress on the website.
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