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Messages Gif Animator

Get ready for the most complete and best message composing app EVER!
Tired of always sending the same old, plain and boring messages? No more! With this extremely easy to use and well thought app, your boring text days are over!
Some of the main features include:

  • Picture Slideshow: Forget about having to send pictures separately; now you can choose which ones and how many to include in a slide show with the speed you want! Everyone around you will be sooo impressed with this cool feature!
  • Animation: Words cannot describe how easy and impressive this feature is! Just choose how many frames and draw on them to send a cool one of a kind animation!
  • Emoticons: With a huge collection of emoticons to choose from; you will not need to describe how you are feeling right now or express yourself! The graphics are amazing and super impressive; just look at the screenshots!
  • Text editor: Dull and boring looking will never be a word to describe your messages ever! Now you can choose:
  • Color
  • Font Type
  • Size
  • Bold
  • Italic etc...

Now that you have created the perfect message with beautiful picture slide shows, animations, emoticons and customized text; you are ready to send it via email or SMS with just one tap!

The possibilities are endless; it all depends on you! With all of these tools and an extremely easy to use interface; this is by far the coolest, easiest to use and most impressive message composer app out there!

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