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Offline Web Browsing

Tired of not being able to surf the net because of a bad or nonexistent connection? What about paying too much for data? NO MORE!

Now, with this amazingly easy to use app you can save webpages for future browsing; even without Internet connection!

Some of the main features include:

  • Bookmarks: Save as many of your favorites as you want!
  • Email link: Just like when you are browsing online...Automatically gets saved in your outbox!
  • Print: We thought of everything!
  • Save by levels of data!
  • Save specific number of pages automatically!

With beautiful graphics and super easy to use interface... Forget about paying for those high data costs; just download the pages you want and save them for future browsing!

Words cannot describe how useful and perfectly designed to the last detail this app really is! Just think of your next flight, commute, or place without wifi and visualize it browsing through the Internet... Hard to believe, but its a REALITY!!!

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