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Perfect Sleeping Buddy

This software has received awards in other platforms. Enjoy this quality software.

This application was designed with your health and energy in mind. It works by waking you up slowly when your body is at the lightest sleeping state. It works by cleverly sensing your body‘s movements and judging based on that when you are at the lightest state of sleeping. Its been proven that when you wake up at this stage you feel more energized and rested; regardless of how long you slept for!

Main Features

  • Details Instructions
  • Learning tool, "test mode"
  • Multiple alarms, including access to native iPod library
  • Vibration for phone device.
  • Mute Alarm (Just to generate stats for the graph)
  • Chart generation requires at least an 8 hour sleep period.
  • Chart export via email or Facebook
  • App comes pre populated with sample chart.
  • Sleeping Statistics

Imagine taking a quick nap and waking up feeling completely rested and reenergized.

It consists of up to a 30 minute waking up process that culminates at your desired wake up time.
Just set up the alarm and place the device next to your pillow; so that it can detect your body‘s movement and start the process at the optimal moment.

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