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Personal Gradebook & Task Keeper Lite

Finally the perfect tool for any AND every student designed to the last detail!

Forget about needing multiple apps to keep track and organize your classes...

Some of the main features include:

  • Term: classify your classes by date and create an easy reference based in it!
  • Syllabus: Add every one to every class and forget about having to carry any papers or look them up every time!
  • Class: Enter any information you wish so that you get the best scores. This may be dates, assignments, notes etc...
  • Attendance: Keep track and plan ahead with an easy yet super helpful tool!
  • Grades: Calculate automatically based on the weight of each assignment, test, participation etc...
  • Share: Easily and instantly share any or all of the information with class mates, parents, teachers or anyone with just one tap!

The uses for this extremely easy to use app are endless... We thought and tested every detail so that you won't need any other apps to keep an organized and successful student life... What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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