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Photo Travel Now! Lite

Omg! Finally an app to add yourself or a friend to ANY background easily and look real!
This description is not enough to describe how cool and real your pictures will look with this app! You might even believe the person was actually there!
Want to impress your friends by showing them the places "you've been"?!
Your cousin couldn't be at the family reunion, and now she is the only one missing in the family picture? No problem!
This app is so easy to use even a small child or an older person will be able to use it!
Easy steps:
1) Take a picture of the person you wish to add in the position you want.

2)Select the area by zooming and "coloring" the area you wish to use.

3)Select the background:
-Famous international backgrounds like the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, or the Statue of Liberty are already among a long list of possible background options in the app!
-Use your own background from your native library or take a picture with the app!

4)Insert the picture and make it larger/smaller, rotate it... To make it just perfect looking!

Viola! Now you can show your pictures by instantly sharing them via email, Facebook or storing them on Dropbox! As easy as that!

This description doesn't do justice to the amazing possibilities this great app brings; just look at the screenshots and try it yourself... You'll wish you were actually there, like it looks in the picture!

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