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Poster Builder Tool Lite

Finally an easy to use, all in one app that let's you create professional looking posters instantly!
Forget about old fashion software that limited your creativity when it came to advertise your goods/services! This app was designed with every detail in mind to make it easy yet attractive ad posters that will grab your attention!

Some of the main features include:

  • Add/Edit text: YOU choose the size, color, font and location! The possibilities are endless!
  • Add IMAGES: Choose from a wide range of clip art, shapes and pictures or add any from your native library!
  • Add a QRCode: Forget about old fashioned posters... Now add instantly and easily a QRCode to make it even more appealing and so prospect interested people can check it out with just one scan!
  • Tear off strips in a breeze: just write whatever information you want for people to remember the ad and be able to contact you in up to three lines, and the software automatically places it on the strips!
  • Share it instantly via email or save it in your native library with just one tap!
  • Print it straight from the app! No need to email, save or download if you don't need to; just press print!
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