3D Game Development

Pre K Learning

Want your kid to have fun and be entertained while at the same time prepare him to be on the top of his class? This is the app you've been looking for!

This amazing application was developed by a team of experts in early education with a proven, effective comprehensive program that enhances children's natural curiosity and builds the foundation for success in school and life.

Some of the main features:

•Using familiar and attractive pictures your child will learn to:
- Identify Colors
- Identify Shapes
- Identify Objects
- Alphabet
- Numbers and Counting
- Comparing
- Positions
- Classify
- Measurements

•This application uses a multiple choice approach in most of the questions. Making it easier yet educational for every child's academic level

•Fun music and sound effects with familiar and caring sounding voices to be more approachable to every child.

•Goal oriented approach to prepare them for life; giving them a celebration/prize for their every accomplishments.

•Track your child's learning and progress with an easy to use interface to see their accomplishments!

What more can a parent/educator/caregiver ask for than a quality game that will teach and entertain kids all at the same time?

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