3D Game Development

Save The Mouse

Help the mouse get throw the door!
The goal of this addictive and fun application is to cut the ropes so that the mouse can exit

  • Packed with 72 addictive levels!

To cut the rope just slash it with your finger... And physics will do the rest!
Sounds easy? Prove it!
But be careful with the monsters, you want to bring him safely!

With an amazing interface and graphics as well as the use of real physics this game app is going to keep you hooked from the beginning!

Do you like terrific physics? Well then this is the game for you!

  • Amazing, simple and cool levels with the best possible physics ever.
  • Colorful images with tablet and phone support
  • Many levels, every time complexity grows.
  • Awesome sounds effects and music.

Its a must have game for all genre.


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