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Selfie RC Lite

This is an award winning camera for taking group pictures or selfies!

Looking for a:
-High quality,
-Easy to use interface,
-All purpose,
-Bluetooth AND wifi compatible
Remote control camera with the use of your devices; without any extra complicated and expensive gadgets? This. Is. It!

This app is so easy to use anyone and everyone will be able to use it:
1) Choose the device that will be filming and the one that will be receiving the video.
2) Select wether you wish to use Bluetooth or wifi and connect.
3) Start watching what goes on!
3) Snap a picture in the native library

Not only are you able to view what is going on in another room or place, but you can also take pictures while you watch with just one easy tap!

The uses for this app are unlimited! Monitor your kids, pets or just use it as surveillance...

You will need to try it to see the high quality and ease this super useful app comes with!

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