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Sign ‘n Go Lite

Sign n Go - Annotate, sign and fill documents and forms

WARNING: You will NOT find any app like this in the store and you will not believe how you lived and functioned before in the professional world without it!

Finally an app that let's you edit and submit ANY kind of document all in one!

Designed to perfection by a team of lawyers and businessmen; it is the perfect tool for any professional in the 21st century. Features:

  • No limits on how many times you can use our app.
  • DROPBOX integrated! (Import and Export)
  • Supports your camera!
  • Basic Template
  • Tags and classifications

Some of the key features are:

  • Most iOS supported type of file can be opened, redirected and edited.
  • Save your edited document as a PDF file; no need to print, scan and loose precious time in the process!

You can add to your document:

  • Date: Scroll down and select if you want to postmark it, today or any other day
  • Text: ANYTHING and ANYWHERE in you document!
  • Signature: choose the color and sign or use from your saved one from past documents

There is no perfect way to describe how perfect this app is... Forget the hassle of printing, scanning, signing over and over again... And all the time consuming and worthless processes that were needed in the past!

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