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Team Picker

Do you teach, coach or organise groups of people? Do you need to organise them into smaller groups for different tasks or activities. It's now quick and simple, allow 'Team Picker' to randomly divide your list into groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5s.

'Team Picker' allows you to set up separate lists for team picking. Handy for teachers or group leaders who teach or lead many different classes or groups. Add names to each list and save the list for future use. Then each lesson choose the list or class of people or students you are working with, tell 'Team Picker' how many people you want in each group, and 'Team Picker' will randomly select the groups for you.

Special features of 'Team Picker':

  • Many lists/classes can be created
  • Lists can be named and saved
  • Select the group numbers for class to be divided into
  • Click the button to instantly reveal the teams
  • Nominate male or female (pink/blue) and tell 'TeamPicker' if there are to be more of one gender than another. (This feature could be used for options other than gender, for example to spread A and B grade players evenly throughout the groups. Experienced team members could be pink and less experienced could be blue, etc.)
  • The ability to ensure that certain students/group members are not placed in the same group.
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