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Text To Speech

Agenda with TEXT TO SPEECH is the app you've been waiting for.

MAJOR FEATURE: This application Talks! Yes, you will hear your daily tasks (for that specific day) every time you open the app and you got pending tasks (or appointments) for that specific day! Isn't it amazing?

Imagine yourself in the car every morning, just turn on your app a VOILA! You will know what you have to do on that specific day without even reading.

We added "all" the features available out-there into one easy to use application.

Main Features:

  • Universal binary
  • Customize the background theme of the app
  • Optional password settings
  • Alarm count on icon.
  • Address book integration
  • Note Section
  • Search Section (Really useful!)
  • Suppors all orientations
  • Fast Event creation
  • Visualize all your appointments in month, week or day view.
  • Add events by customizing:
  •  Subject
  •  Icon (you can select from a huge icon selection)
  •  Start from/Ends at (date/time)
  •  Local notifications and Icon badges (really useful)
  •  Location
  •  Sensitivity (Normal, Personal, Private and Confidential)
  •  Notes
  •  Create custom categories

Finally a way to organize your tasks and remind them in a very original and useful way...
After months in the planning stages, we are ecstatic to introduce our "Best Agenda" product. It's perfect for personal and business uses.

We are planning many awesome upgrades for this application.

This application is perfect for business, school and everyday life.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.


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