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The Derm Directory

Featuring 600+ products, The Derm Directory is a comprehensive compendium of therapeutic and cosmetic modalities. SanovaWorks is proud to produce this interactive, educational tool that allows healthcare professionals to review all FDA-approved Rx drugs, devices, and injectables in dermatology and all physician-dispensed skin care and sunscreen product lines. When using The Derm Directory smartphone application, product information is only a touch away.

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About SanovaWorks:
SanovaWorks is a healthcare communications company, offering unique and quality educational resources to medical providers. With a flagship enterprise in dermatology, SanovaWorks produces several educational tools for this specialty’s practitioners, including the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology(JDD), eJDD, DermPearls, The Derm Directory, Dermatology In-Review, Discussions in Dermatology, the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical(ODAC) conference, and the Skin of Color Seminar Series.

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