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Time Tabler

Finally your time tabling headaches are over! Organising school timetables or work shifts or rosters not your favorite task?

Then Timetabler is here to help!

Timetabler has been primarily designed to help schools arrange specialist classes into a workable timetable. The user is able to add classes, assign a colour to each class and then add and assign specialist subjects.

Timetabler will then use the information to schedule the classes so that there are no clashes. In the case that scheduling to meet all requirements is impossible, then the classes unable to be scheduled will be placed in a holding area.

The user may manually move classes around in the timetable and choose to block cells or lock classes into a specific cell.

There is a shuffle function where Timetabler will create other alternative timetables.

Timetabler allows for the user to choose the days of the week and the number of sessions per day. Specialist subjects can operate over specific days. This information cable edited within the app at any time.

Not in a school but need help with shifts and rosters? Timetabler may be able to help with this too. It's all in the setting up.

Whilst Timetabler has been designed with schools in mind, it could also be used to assist in the rostering of staff, shifts and breaks. Instead of adding classes add workers' names and instead of adding specialist subjects add in your positions (for example cashier, floor worker, etc).


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