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Travel Log Maker

Do you love to have a beautiful log to show everyone your trips but feeling its too much?

Finally a way to record, organize and share your favorite places when you travel!

Looking for an easy and professionally looking app to help you record information with pictures, map location and notes of every place you’ve visited? This is it!

Think it’s too complicated to make a beautiful and professional looking record of your travels? With this amazing new app it’s as easy as 1,2,3!

Just fill the information and viola!

Some of the main features include:
•Name and notes: Your trip is saved in an easy and nice to look at way. Enter the name of the place and whichever notes you’d like to include for future reference.
•Dates: Scroll to select which dates you were there and the software will make it easier for you to find where you were!
•Picture: add one to remind you of your favorite memories of that place.
•Categories: Choose from a wide variety depending on the type of place and trip you took. It can range from relax to business to city, cultural outdoor or romantic trip… You choose!
•Favorite: You select which ones were your favorite ones, just by tapping on the star! For future reference you will be able to access only your favorites if you wish.
•Share: with just one easy tap send all or only one of your trips to your family and friends. Send it via email or post it instantly on Facebook or Twitter! Finally an easy way to do so!

So what are you waiting for? Go explore the world and share it with the world, since now it’s so easy to do with this amazing app!

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