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Video Camera Enhancer Lite

Finally a way to edit video while filming!

Feel like the native camera lacks important features that would make your videos better? This is it!

Some of the exiting new features include:

-Zoom WHILE you film! Just like professional videos, now you can focus during the same video on one specific object!

-Switch cameras DURING the video! No need to do all sorts of acrobatics just so you appear in the video... Just tap on the flipping icon to switch from front to back camera and viola!

-Flash lighting change when YOU need it! While you are filming just tap on the flash icon and without having to stop filming you'll get the light needed for the perfect video!

-LOTS of cool camera effects to edit your video! Forget plain and dull basic videos; now you can make them look classy, funny, professional or whatever you feel like!

- Take photos while taking videos!!! :)

-Share EASILY and ANYWHERE! With just one tap now you can:

  • Send it via email
  • Text it as a SMS
  • Save it to your device
  • Post it on Facebook and others!

Words or images cannot describe the endless possibilities that this app will bring you... Say goodbye to hard to take and dull looking videos!

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